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Fluid Space
I-25, New Mexico

The fluid residence is a deviation from conventional dwelling spaces.  It is driven internally and externally by information.  The basis for this project is to understand the complexity of fluid space as seen through the vehicle and the body.  Situated in the landscape of the American southwest, the dwelling becomes an information center that transmits data electronically on several scales.  Advertising through billboard processes is a phenomenon that is exploited in this region; by reprogramming the context to become more digital, personalized information can be distributed as each vehicle passes by.  Electronic consumer data is transmitted from the “fluid” billboard and loaded into GPS systems, cell phones and PDA’s.  This new form of advertisement redefines traditional methods of information exchange to create a more fluid and personal dissemination of electronic media.


Internally, the fluid space engages a new system for habitation.  By engaging a new foundation for dwelling the electronic programmer within is afforded a space that explores a new diagram for habitation.  Utilizing a mutateable pin structure the space can be redefined to conform to the ergonomic and performance criteria of the consumer.   In embracing a system that is dynamic, utilitarian functions must perform multiple spatial configurations. In re-thinking how new digital and analog technology influences cultural deviations, this speculative project embraces a more progressive exploration of habitation driven through hybrid information systems.


Fluid Space 

Self-Sufficient Housing-1st Advanced Architecture 

Institute for Advance Architecture of Catalona

Barcelona, Spain



Fluid Space

Acadia/AIA 2004: Digital Fabrication Examining the Digital Practice of Architecture

University of Waterloo 

School of Architecture                 Cambridge, Ontario


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