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Del Ojo al Embudo

George Pear Hall

University of New Mexico

School of Architecture + Planning

Albuquerque, NM


This research project was conducted with the goal of developing a digital archive using interactive media and open source applications to generate a multi-faceted public community database for the state of New Mexico. This research documents the architectural and culture of historic communities around the state of New Mexico.

The data model is a collaborative, inter-disciplinary effort that re-examines the boundaries of traditional architectural research and moves towards a working model incorporating a faculty- student team whose expertise lie in a variety of disciplines. Areas of expertise include landscape architecture, historical pres- ervation, architecture, community and regional planning, economics and demo-graphics, informatics and digital visualization.

This demonstration project evolved into a multi-media data repository intended to both empower and enable the community to take control of their future by engaging in conversations with local and global communities.

Principle Investigators:
Tim Castillo [Associate Professor]

Geraldine Forbes Isais [Professor]

Graduate Assistants:

Edwar Calderon

Aaron Coffeen

Nancy Happe

Frank Romero
Sarah Wentzel-Fisher


Project Assistants: 

Troy Kranendonk
Ian LeBlanc

Community Liaison:

Estevan Arrellano
Resident Embudo

Virtual New Mexico Project Manager:

Jacobo Martinez

Resource Center for Raza Planning

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